Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Got a new toy called the gorilla pod, actually its for a SLR camera but we found out that it works as well with our video cameras. Here's the SDE of Mervin & Rea.

Mervin & Rea from John Parado on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The celebration was just grand with a couple who's so accommodating and nice. Sil is a great groom. I remembered him checkin' on their 3D photo as early as a month before their wedding. And as I've heard from other suppliers, he was so hands-on with every detail, making sure that everything turns out well..which it did! Shelby on the other hand, is such a beautiful bride which radiated more on their wedding day.

The ceremony was held at San Sebastian Church and dinner at Edsa Shangri-la.

Sil & Shelby from John Parado on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Power of the internet. Let me start with that note. Just a short story, It was on the wedding day that we got to meet our couple in person. We just spoke via phone and most of the time through emails.
It was an early wedding at Lourdes Church in Tagaytay (which means we were there for the preps at about 4am) and the climate was soooo cold.
Jun is on cool guy and Ceecee was so lovely. They made that day perfect. Thanks so much for the trust.:-)

Jun & Ceecee from John Parado on Vimeo.
25 years and still strong. Here's a role model when it comes to weddings.

Jessie & Glo from John Parado on Vimeo.
I really didn't mind how hot the day was coz I was with a cool couple. Let me introduce you to Sharon our bride. Sharon is one funny bride, she made us laugh all day. On the other hand Paul, the groom is a quiet type but everything he does comes out smooth.
We were lucky then to have fireworks in their SDE even though it was in the last part of the program. Thanks to another wedding held at Sofitel most likely, we had double fireworks that night! Cheers!

Paul & Sharon from John Parado on Vimeo.
Happy New Year Everyone! It's been awhile since we've last posted on our blog. But here's 2009 and so are the videos that we will be posting. To start of is our friend Gomer who just got hitched. By the way he is a photographer as well and is a good one to be precise. One of the reasons why our SDE had to pass his standards. Once again Congratulation Gomz & Janet!

Gomz & Janet from John Parado on Vimeo.